SkinCrafter Installer

SkinCrafter Installer 2.6.1

SkinCrafter Installer is easy to use developer tool meant for...

SkinCrafter Installer is easy to use developer tool meant for skinning of MSI install packages created with Windows installer. You can create your own unique skinned interface of Windows installer with a professional SkinCrafter Installer skining tool.

SkinCrafter Installer uses SkinCrafter engine for skins implementation. Using our program you can change your installer interface in the same way as SkinCrafter does it.

In combination with SkinCrafter library you can get complete package: skinned installer + skinned end-user application. SkinCrafter Installer is specially developed and styled for the tastes of those who value individuality, who aspire to fit their corporate style and enjoy being different.

The set of well-designed skins is available at Skin Gallery (http://skincrafter. com/skingal. php). Look at our skin gallery to imagine how surprisingly can look your installer interface.

Make your software style prominent and memorable from the beginning of the installation process to the moment of your end-user program execution.

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SkinCrafter Installer


SkinCrafter Installer 2.6.1

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